#TravelStop: Bergamo

Just one week ago I spent two days in Bergamo, the second most visited city of Lombardy Region. The top ranked one is, of course, Milan. Despite this, I found the city so elegant, classy, cleaned and lively. Moreover, citizens seem to pay lots of attention to preserve the nature and the surrounding environment, which it is an outstanding behaviour. I stayed at the BB Hotels near the railway station. The building is located in an area that could be congested during peak hours, but I assure you will enjoy your stay in the structure, as it is new, tidy, cosy and very affordable. From the hotel you can easily reach Bergamo modern centre by foot. Then, by bus or funicular railway, you must have a stroll in Citta’ Alta, the ancient core of the district. You will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and emphasize with a real Italian old hamlet.



ou should not miss to pop in Piazza Vecchia and take time to admire the Cathedral and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. I personally like discovering cities by “getting lost” or walking through different streets every time, thus, for example, you’ll probably snap the public washing tub that once worked as a washing-machine, or simply, catch several details on the historical background of the city and the resulting involvements in Italy’s dynamics too. Without these tricks you may not be able to experience a town in-depth. Good tour!




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